Council of Inspectors General

  • How well are agencies actually complying with the DATA Act?

    Federal inspectors general are finishing up the testing of their agencies’ compliance with the Data Act. It’s one of three audits required under the 2014 law. But the Council of Inspectors General changed the audit methodology between the current exercise and the one they did two years ago.

  • Lawmakers, IGs seek upgrade for popular oversight website a year after rollout

    One year following the launch of, a one-stop shop where users can reference more than 10,000 agency inspector general reports, the watchdog community sees an opportunity to grow the website.

  • Michael Horowitz: IGs asking Congress to help protect their oversight capabilities

    Federal inspectors general are asking Congress to do away with what they say are legal barriers agencies are throwing up to keep information away from their in-house watchdogs. Information the inspectors general say they need to complete their investigations. Now they’re fighting back with a legislative package. Michael Horowitz is chairman of the Council of Inspectors General and IG at the Justice Department, where the blockage started. In an interview on Federal Drive with Tom Temin, Horowitz outlined the problem and the strategy for fixing it.

  • Justice IG: Legal decision turns independent oversight on its head

    Michael Horowitz, inspector general at the Justice Department, says a recent decision by his agency’s Office of Legal Counsel threatens the independent oversight of all IGs.

  • New IG council chair maps out oversight priorities

    New leadership is coming to the Council of Inspectors General. On Jan. 1, Michael Horowitz, inspector general of the Justice Department, will begin his two-year term as chair of the organization. He and his predecessor, former GSA IG Brian Miller, discussed the many challenges of directing the 72 inspectors general in government.

  • Michael Horowitz, IG, Justice Department, Brian Miller, Navigant

    New leadership is coming to the Council of Inspectors General in the federal government. The Chair of that organization serves a two-year term, and the new leader takes over Jan. 1. Brian Miller of Navigant is former Inspector General at the General Services Administration. He brought the council’s new leader on In Depth with Francis Rose to officially introduce him.

  • Jason Miller, Executive Editor, Federal News Radio

    Agencies are struggling to follow the rules around cloud computing. The Council of Inspectors General examined 77 commercial cloud contracts across 19 civilian agencies. It found most failed to implement federal guidance and best practices. Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive with details on the councils’ new report.