• Pay raise on track, but White House seeks to derail IRS budget cuts

    The White House has threatened to veto a fiscal 2017 spending bill that would further cut the Internal Revenue Service’s budget by $236 million.

  • 2017 a whirlwind year for feds’ pay and benefits

    Federal News Radio counts down the Top 10 pay and benefits stories for 2017, a year that proved to be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride for federal employees.

  • Are retirement cuts a breach of promise?

    The Trump administration’s plan to totally eliminate inflation protection for federal retirement, while requiring workers to pay more for smaller lifetime retirement benefits, is the ultimate deal-breaker for most people.

  • Work more, get less plan

    If any of the Trump administration’s proposals to overhaul the federal pay and pension plans make it through Congress, thousands of federal workers might have to extend their tours of duty by as much as a decade to maintain their standard of living.

  • Is President Trump the best recruiter that unions ever had?

    The White House management agenda, which would trim take-home pay and eliminate inflation protection for retirees, could help union leaders recruit from workforce that has shifted.

  • ‘Draining the swamp’ while saving your retirement package

    The Trump administration wants to make the federal retirement plan more costly to workers and less valuable to retirees. But officials could probably “drain the swamp” of thousands of bureaucrats if they made the changes effective later rather than sooner.

  • Threats to FERS: TMI or ‘GMM?’

    Every day, we at Federal News Radio get calls or emails from readers and listeners who want to know the latest, the cost and the timetable for action regarding retirement changes. But we can’t predict what’s going to happen,

  • FERS on the chopping block: Crying wolf or sounding the alarm?

    Causey says President Donald Trump is keeping his promises to “drain the swamp” with a crackdown on federal unions, and aims to make the federal retirement plan more costly for workers and less valuable for retirees.

  • FERS: Saved by the bell … again

    This time one year ago lobbyists who represent feds and retirees were quietly hoping that Congress would tear off only a couple of chunks from the embattled Federal Employees Retirement System. Then a funny thing happened on the way: Nothing.

  • Mark Cancian: Congress should do its homework before cutting DoD’s ‘fourth estate’

    House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry proposed eliminating a half-dozen DoD agencies earlier this year, but the idea died almost as quickly as it was conceived.