Cyber Command

  • Navy realigns cyber command

    The Deputy commander of Navy Fleet cyber command Rear Admiral Bill Leigher explains the significance of this realignment.

  • Cyber Command, NSA tout benefits of cloud computing

    The head of U.S. Cyber Command says cloud computing is part of his plan for staying ahead of the cyber threats that face the Defense Department. “A year from now we should be well on our way to having a hardened architecture proven and in place, which provides a new level of cybersecurity,” said General […]

  • Cyber Command priorities announced

    Gen. Keith Alexander has outlined a series of next steps to be pursued by the six-month-old U.S. Cyber Command.

  • DoD wants common cyber picture

    The Cyber Command is focused on achieving real-time capabilities, but the director of current operations said they still have serious work to do. He appealed to industry leaders for help designing a sufficient platform.

  • Navy to track cyber attacks in real-time

    The Navy’s cyber command will soon be able to see a real-time view of penetration attempts into the service’s IT systems, the command’s number two officer said Thursday.

  • Agencies spend too much time on cyber defensive

    An event this week sponsored by Potomac Institute in Arlington, Va., evaluates government’s cyber spending priorities.

  • Defense expands cyber DMZs

    DoD is expanding the use of demilitarized zones to improve security of its unclassified network. Over the next two years, DISA require all service applications to go through these buffer zones.

  • Navy activates real-time view of networks

    The Navy’s Fleet Cyber Command said a lack of real-time visibility into their computer networks is a problem. A new operations center opening this week at Ft. Meade will let technicians see cyber attacks as they are happening.

  • Cyber Command plans offensive actions

    Fully operational last week, the Cyber Command is already planning offensive actions for cybersecurity.

  • DoD Cyber Command fully operational

    DoD’s Cyber Command is now fully operational.