data analytics

  • Elastic: The power behind the (digital) throne

    George Young, senior director of Federal at Elastic, joins host John Gilroy to discuss data analytics and how his company can help your agency moved to the cloud. October 18, 2016

  • A new take on data visualization

    Is your agency swamped with data? This week on Federal Tech Talk, Monica McEwen, public sector director at Qlick will explain how her company uses data analytics to help federal IT professionals take diverse streams of information and make sense of them. August 16, 2016

  • SAS: Understanding Zika with Zetabytes

    Dr. Steve Bennett, principal product marketing consultant at SAS, joins host John Gilroy to discuss biosurveillance, big data, old fashioned analytics, predictive analytics and advanced analytics. June 7, 2016

  • People, as much as tech, determine data analytics success

    Mixing up cause and effect or finding effect when there’s no cause, this way of thinking is particularly reckless for federal agencies.

  • Can being on the “Outside Looking In” actually be the best vantage point?

    Along with several esteemed law enforcement colleagues, EY is helping agencies develop efficient and proactive capabilities in the areas of cybersecurity, data analytics, money laundering and financial crimes. EY knows that by asking better questions, they are able to help federal clients formulate better answers.

  • FEMA, HHS turn to ‘social listening’ for better disaster response

    Emergency management agencies say existing social media channels are often their best way to crowdsource and collect important information during a major weather event or natural disaster. Agencies such as FEMA and the Health and Human Services Department are adapting their strategy to embrace the “social listening” concept.

  • Mastering the big three: agile, mobile & data analytics

    Segue Technologies President Brian Callahan joins host John Gilroy to discuss how his company can help federal agencies with agile software development, data analytics, and mobile applications. March 22, 2016

  • Faster, modernized IT infrastructure boosts HRSA’s customer service efforts

    Adriane Burton, the Health Resources and Services Administration’s chief information officer, said she is using data analytics tools to better understand the agency’s business needs.

  • Sriram Vishwanath: Predictive analytics can benefit health care

    Anticipating what procedures and medicines work and don’t work before illness or injury treatment starts can save lives. It can also reduce pain and suffering and lower the cost of health care. Sriram Vishwanath is a professor at the University of Texas, Austin in the Cockrell School of Engineering and co-founder and CEO of Accordion Health. He tells Federal News Radio’s Lauren Larson on Federal Drive with Tom Temin how health care providers are beginning to understand all of the benefits predictive analytics can bring.

  • Justin Brown: Data analytics can help agencies prioritize budget requests

    The Office of Management and Budget requires agencies now to use data to make decisions about how they spend money and prioritize budget requests. The tools for making those decisions are getting easier and faster for agencies to use. Justin Brown, an IT engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, joined In Depth with Francis Rose to discuss some of the data analytic solutions he’s using and what kind results they yield.