David Eagles

  • HUD management, unions suffering communication breakdown over reorg efforts

    AFGE and NFFE say they have not had a substantive seat at the table during the drafting of HUD’s reform plans.

  • Fear of reassignments, buyouts pushes HUD to more transparent change management

    David Eagles, the COO of HUD, said senior leadership is committed to an engaged process to improve the agency.

  • Agencies pull back curtain for peek at how they tackle reform plans

    HUD, SBA, and DHS offer details on how they built their reorganization framework.

  • David Eagles: Day One and beyond for Trump administration

    Crowds haven’t chased Donald Trump into a hotel nor overrun the White House like they did in the 1829 inauguration of Andrew Jackson. But the election and transition have been heated. Now the new administration must get down to work. David Eagles, director of the Center for Presidential Transition at the Partnership for Public Service, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin with some insight into the challenges beyond Day One.

  • David Eagles: What’s next for presidential transition teams?

    On Wednesday, one of the transition teams gets down to brass tacks. It might even visit you and ask you about your program. David Eagles, director of the Center for Presidential Transition at the Partnership for Public Service, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin what the first few days after the election will look like.

  • Presidential transitions

    David Eagles, director of the Center for Presidential Transition, will discuss what his office is doing in the lead up to the 2016 Presidential election, and Eric Katz, staff writer for Government Executive, will discuss what a President Clinton or a President Trump would mean for federal agencies and employees. August 19, 2016

  • It’s not too early to think about the presidential transition

    Transitions between presidencies are complex, and one of the major concerns for the team in charge of making sure nothing goes wrong in one critical area – national security.

  • David Eagles: Easing the presidential transition process

    Maybe it’s the size of the budget. Maybe it’s the growing number of agencies and policies. But presidential transitions seem to demand greater and greater attention with each turnover. A couple of Washington groups have already formed transition efforts focused on getting the next President, whoever it is, up to speed in a hurry. Now the Partnership for Public Service has formed the Center for Presidential Transition. David Eagles, the partnership’s director for this effort, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin with all the details.