• Building the smart infrastructure the region deserves

    On this EXTRA episode, we speak with Jack McDougle, President and CEO at Greater Washington Board of Trade, and Chuck Bean, Executive Director at Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, about the recent innovations in 5G technology, and how these advancements can assist both the average person and the most dedicated entrepreneurs in the region.

  • The boom and bust of tech innovation

    On today’s EXTRA episode, Dr. Brent Goldfarb and David Kirsch, both professors at the Robert H. Smith School of Business and co-authors of Bubbles and Crashes: the boom and bust of technological innovation, discuss the cyclical nature of the tech innovation environment. Other topics on deck include their recent book, what happens when an economy crashes, and how to salvage your business in troubling economic times.

  • Why you may not have heard from the region’s best entrepreneurs

    Kevin DeSanto, managing director and co-founder of KippsDeSanto, discusses how the government contracting space, and the D.C. entrepreneurship community at large, is a lot more active and successful than you might think. For the biggest companies in the region, big personalities are a bit rarer than in Silicon Valley.

  • The view from inside a DC incubator

    Josh Mandell, director of policy and international programs at Halcyon, discusses how Halcyon is spurring entrepreneurs and social ventures into doing good for the world while also growing a business.

  • Quantum innovation needs this region’s experts

    Arthur Herman, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and popular historian, discusses the way that new industries embracing quantum computing will require experts that are already rising in the D.C. region.

  • Why DC is the perfect place for an innovation contest

    On this episode, we speak with Jacqueline Baker, Innovation Program Manager for AARP, to discuss how innovation is spurred in D.C., in no small part thanks to the AARP Innovation Labs Grand Pitch Event coming later this October.

  • Helping fill government jobs in the DC region

    Brad Traverse, director of government relations for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee and founder of Brad Traverse Jobs, discusses his mission of getting people involved and employed in the government relations industry.

  • Jumping from a big company to a startup

    Gayle Weiswasser, SVP of Communications at Homesnap, discusses the biggest differences between working at a large corporation and working at a startup. As it turns out, different environments help different people thrive.

  • How DC is seen by the rest of the country

    Steve Harris, senior vice president and general manager at Dell EMC Federal, discusses the structure of relationships when a business’s main customer is the federal government, and how public sector work is seen by the rest of the country.

  • Getting things done in DC’s business suburbs

    Mary-Claire Burick, President of the Rosslyn Business Improvement District, discusses what business improvement districts actually do, and how they help coalesce the public and private sectors around a common goal.