Debra Roth

  • What’s happening with federal hiring?

    Career coach Kathryn Troutman of the Resume Place discusses the current federal hiring outlook and how to land a federal job. March 25, 2011

  • Intel whistleblowers could lose pensions

    Whistleblowers in the intel community could lose their pensions under a new bill, if they’re caught leaking even non-classified information. We ask attorney Debra Roth if this changes what a leak is.

  • Scott Bloch fights to avoid prison time

    The former government protector of whistle-blowers who admitted to criminally withholding information from Congress asked a judge to withdraw his guilty plea to avoid mandatory jail time. Attorney Debra Roth explains what’s going on.

  • Why should you be interested in the Federal Managers Association?

    FMA joins the show to discuss its National Convention and Management Training Seminar. Find out what you can expect if you attend the event. February 11, 2011

  • Whistleblower label carries false sense of security

    ”A federal employee authorized to take, direct others to take, recommend or approve any personnel action may not take, fail to take, or threaten to take any personnel action against an employee because of protected whistleblowing.” Attorney Debra Roth explains this for us.

  • Part 3: SBA whistleblowers weigh resolution options

    In part 3 of Federal News Radio’s exclusive investigative series ”Discouraged and Disrespected at SBA,” Karla Saunders weighs her options to find resolution in her three-year battle against alleged retaliation. Saunders and three other agency employees say they want to return to their original jobs and restore their reputations. SBA officials say the agency is focusing on strengthening management and oversight.

  • Part 1: Four employees claim retaliation from SBA managers

    In part one of the exclusive Federal News Radio series, Karla Saunders says SBA management continues to exact revenge against her for testifying on behalf of another employee about agency misconduct. Saunders says among the reprisals she has faced over the past three years is officials put her in two jobs involuntarily that she has no qualifications for. SBA officials deny any wrongdoing and say the administrator has no tolerance for waste, fraud, abuse or mismanagement.

  • Countdown: Egypt protests, Air Force workforce reduction

    Today’s guests are: – Francis Rose, host, In Depth – Debra Roth, partner, Shaw, Bransford and Roth Francis Rose’s stories #3 DoD needs more workplace flexibility From Federal News Radio: Adm. Michael Mullen said he…

  • Analysis: The unusual case of the Park Police firing

    Attorney Debra Roth explains why Teresa Chamber’s case is so unusual.

  • Background checks move to the forefront

    The Supreme Court has refused to stop federal investigations into the private lives of people who want to work at government installations _ even those who don’t have security clearances and don’t work on secret projects. Debra Roth explains what’s going on here.