Defense Security Service

  • DoD to bring more employees with ‘critical positions’ under continuous evaluation

    Daniel Payne, the director of the Defense Security Services, said the continuous evaluation program will have 1 million employees by 2018.

  • Same obstacles plague small and large agencies in setting up insider threat programs

    The Office of Personnel Management was the sixth agency to achieve final operating capability on an insider threat program. But OPM is among the few agencies who have set up such programs. Small agencies say cultural barriers, lack of resources and legal and privacy questions are among the obstacles preventing them from meeting the goal, but insider threat experts say those problems aren’t unique.

  • More than 5,550 defense contractors have basic insider threat programs, DoD says

    The defense industry has gotten off to a good start implementing initial capabilities for insider threat programs, the Defense Security Service said. Cleared contractors had until Nov. 30 to develop and submit their plans for an insider threat program and appoint a senior official to lead and oversee it.

  • Education CIO, US-CERT director decide to leave government

    Danny Harris, the Education Department’s chief information officer for the last seven years, decided to retire after 32 years in government.

  • Contractors face new delays in getting, renewing security clearances

    Beginning on Dec. 8, the Defense Security Service all but ceased its processing of personnel security investigation requests for government contractors, and by the time things were up and running again on Jan. 5, a new backlog of approximately 10,000 cases had built up.

  • Jeff Carr: Foreign governments increasing espionage against U.S. computer systems

    The Defense Security Service reports foreign governments are increasing their espionage activities against U.S. computer systems. Each year its report, “Targeting U.S. Technologies Trend Analysis of Cleared Industry Reporting,” highlights a specific technological sector that was targeted in attacks. This year’s focuses on “inertial navigation systems” used in commercial and military aircraft, spacecraft and naval vessels. Jeff Carr is the founder and CEO of Taia Global. He joins the Federal Drive with Tom Temin to break down the report’s findings.