Department of Defense

  • Furlough appeals continue to stretch MSPB ‘beyond capacity’

    The Merit Systems Protection Board seeks additional resources in its fiscal 2015 budget request to improve staffing and IT infrastructure. The agency is working through more than 32,000 furlough appeals in addition to its regular workload and also expects a wave of administrative judge retirements.

  • The VA, Affordable Care Act fees, and political conventions

    On this week’s Capital Impact show, Bloomberg Government analysts will discuss growth potential at the Veterans Administration, the Affordable Care Act’s impact on drug companies, and a preview of the 2012 Democratic and Republican conventions. August 23, 2012

  • UPDATE: More on military pay raise from Senate Armed Services subcommittee

    More from this hearing on using funds for specialty and incentive pay instead of across-the-board pay raises.

  • Video Games and Injured Vets

    Can video games help wounded veterans heal from traumatic brain injuries? The Department of Defense is funding a project to find out. Studies have shown that video game-based therapies can help people improve manual dexterity,…

  • SecDef Robert Gates at Lockheed Martin Factory

    Taking a look at the Joint Strike Fighter program was the reason Defense Secretary Robert Gates was in Texas yesterday, but the media asked him to comment on the report on Afghanistan Gen. Stanley McChrystal…

  • DoD engages young workers with social media tools

    By Emily Jarvis Internet Editor FederalNewsRadio Twitter, Facebook, podcasts and blogs are just a couple of the social media tools young people are using on a daily basis. Now the Department of Defense is trying…

  • Advisory group says Pentagon needs to improve lines of communication with industry

    A Pentagon advisory panel is preparing a report suggesting that the Defense Department has some work to do to in improving communications with industrial firms that provide goods and services to the military.

  • Interoperability: Health Records at DoD, VA

    Delays in the processing time of claims at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs triggered the creation of a new electronic health record. But the House Veterans Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations wants to know…

  • Military Leadership: General Cartwright, Admiral Willard

    Two high-level military nominations are in process on Capitol Hill. The Senate Armed Services Committee is considering the nominations of Marine Corps General James Cartwright to be reappointed as the Vice Chairman of the Joint…

  • DoD embracing tools like Twitter and Facebook

    July 8th, 2009

    Never before has the Department of Defense been able to deliver, not only their mission, but reasoning behind it to so many. DoD is embracing the use of tools like Twitter and Facebook to reach the next generation of policy makers, recruits and those young men and women abroad who need to understand better the military policies of the United States.