Diana Holland

Army Corps of Engineers

Army Corps of Engineers working with new, improved way of temporary roofing during disasters

When storms damage buildings, a chief rescue activity by the Corps is preventing further damage with blue tarps. The roofers are on the job in Louisiana…

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USACE/Michael GlaschBrig. Gen. Diana Holland, commander, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - South Atlantic Division, visits with Soldiers from the 27th Engineer Brigade , Sunday Sept. 24, who are making repairs on the Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point (MOTSU), N.C. MOTSU received some damage to various parts of its infrastructure (roads, bridges and rail) when Hurricane Florence hit the installation. As the U.S. military's largest ammunition terminal, MOTSU serves as a transfer point between rail, trucks, and ships for the import and export of ammunition, explosives and military equipment for the DoD.

Army Corps continues flood fighting efforts during tumultuous hurricane season

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Puerto Rico looking ‘a lot better’ following Army Corps relief efforts

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