• DIUx leader has hopes for innovation organization’s survival past January

    The Defense Department’s innovation hub chief is optimistic about his organization’s chances during the presidential transition.

  • Carter creates new DoD post: Chief Innovation Officer

    With only a few months left before his tenure as Defense secretary expires, Ashton Carter took one more step to drive home his point that the Pentagon needs more “innovation” in its bloodstream.

  • How successful is DIUx, so far?

    The Pentagon says its new Silicon Valley-based technology outreach office is seeing some early successes in rapid acquisition. It handled its first dozen procurements in an average time of 60 days. But most of the money it spent went to established companies, not garage-style startups.

  • Air Force considers reducing computer-based training time for pilots

    The Air Force is looking for creative ways to free up airmens’ time to focus on their primary missions — and spend time with their families. The latest idea is to cut back on the amount of mandatory computer-based training airmen have to endure.

  • Jonathan Aberman: What will be the DIUX impact?

    Defense Secretary Ash Carter is planting so-called innovation centers all over. First came San Jose, then Boston and now, Austin Texas. Is he overdoing it? Will these DIUXs produce tangible results? And what do they mean for companies in the D.C. region. For some possible answers, Federal Drive with Tom Temin turns to Jonathan Aberman, chairman of Amplifier Ventures.

  • Will next SecDef take ax to DIUx?

    DIUx is panning for diamonds. The Pentagon may not really need this elaborate apparatus.

  • As DIUx expands, it starts putting money where its mouth is

    DoD’s Defense Innovation Unit Experimental fell on hard times, but it could be hitting a resurgence.

  • DoD’s yearning for innovation doesn’t always translate to dollars

    The Defense Department talks a big game on innovation, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to take big risks with investments.

  • Jonathan Aberman: Did DoD just disrespect D.C.-area companies?

    DIUX, the Defense Department innovation unit in Silicon Valley, is expanding to Austin, Texas and other places. Does that mean Secretary Ash Carter is dissing the companies right here in the D.C. region? Venture capitalist Jonathan Aberman, chairman of Amplifier Ventures, gives his take on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Carter’s defense innovation program gets new site, new structure, new blood

    Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s defense innovation hub continues to live up to its concept, iterating and improving rapidly as it becomes bi-coastal.