DJ Patil

  • Navy plan for CDO has been stagnant for almost a year as potential benefits pass by

    Despite having a plan for a chief data officer, the Navy is dragging its feet on implementing it.

  • Commerce Department spearheading project to ‘take data the last mile’

    The Department of Commerce announced it is taking the lead for the Opportunity Project, an initiative started by the Obama administration to use big data to create solutions for challenges like affordable housing, job opportunities and quality education.

  • White House recognizing risks of big data

    A new report by the federal chief technology officer highlights the power of big data while also emphasizing the need to consider its ethical implications.

  • DJ Patil: CDOs are ‘missing piece’ between CIOs and CTOs

    The rise of the chief data officer across government comes from new opportunities and holes in the federal technology space. Chief information officers spend a majority of their time on infrastructure issues. And chief technology officers focus on the next IT innovation agencies can take advantage of. DJ Patil is the White House’s chief data scientist. In part two of his special report, Deconstructing the CDO, Patil tells Federal News Radio Executive Editor Jason Miller how chief data officers are filling in the gap between CIOs and CTOs.

  • White House’s DJ Patil places laser focus on ‘unleashing the power of data’

    DJ Patil, the government’s first-ever chief data scientist, explains his mission using a simple phrase: “responsibly unleash the power of data for the benefit of the American public.” In part 2 of Federal News Radio’s special report, Deconstructing the CDO, Patil tells Federal News Radio how his office is helping agency CDOs bring a ruthless focus to data.

  • From CDOs to CIOs: Agencies must find balance between hip, cool and timeworn, true

    As more and more agencies hire chief data officers, the question arises, what’s the difference between data and information? And where does the chief information officer fit into the discussion? In the first part of our special report, Deconstructing the CDO, federal CIOs and CDOs agree there is room for both as agencies mature their use and understanding of data.

  • White House hires DJ Patil, jumps into the chief data officer pool

    DJ Patil is the first chief data scientist and deputy chief technology officer for data policy.