• Obama team set to begin agency-by-agency reviews

    President-elect Barack Obama offered more details into his transition team. After naming his senior staff Wednesday, Obama named several key players who will work on agency transitions. In a release obtained by FederalNewsRadio, the transition…

  • From Waste to Paste

    Can you imagine a day where your agency runs on coal derived from water? The Energy Department is funding research that could make it happen. The technique uses what’s called a Hyperbaric Centrifuge. Scientists from…

  • GridWorks

    FederalNewsRadio has been telling you about plans to overhaul the “electric grid.” The Energy Department would play a key role in that. Branko Terzic, with Deloitte Services LP, is a former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission…

  • Is Clean Worth the Green?

    What does the future hold for clean coal technology? In 2003, the Department of Energy began a project called “Future Gen”. This involves building a coal-powered energy plant that would capture and store much of…

  • Split the Atom, Join the Efforts

    There’s a fresh push to create a brand new agency to manage the nation’s nuclear labs. Right now, they belong to the Energy Department, but the Stimson Center wants that to change. They’ve released a…

  • OFPP trying to stem the use of cost-plus contracting

    Cost-type contracts nearly double over the last eight years.

  • Paintin’ a data center green

    Paul Scheihing Technology Manager Department of Energy April 14th, 2009

  • Energy Dept. works on how to predict the future of cyberwarfare

    Cyber threats like the ConFicker worm have pushed government to respond swiftly, but experts say those fixes eventually wear off like Band-Aids® . So the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is working to…

  • GOVERNMENT …as Avatar

    Alan P. Balutis Director and Distinguished Fellow Cisco Business Solutions Group

  • Energy – Smart Grid

    The Department of Energy is awarding nearly $100 million for 54 smart grid workforce training programs that Secretary Steven Chu says will help prepare the next generation of workers in the utility and electrical manufacturing industries.

    The projects will leverage more than $95 million in funding from community colleges, universities, utilities and manufacturers to develop and implement training programs that will train approximately 30-thousand Americans in an effort to modernize the nation’s electrical grid, and implement smart grid technologies in communities across the country.

    The programs will focus on training activities that support electricians, line workers, technicians, system operators, power system engineers, cyber security specialists and transmission planners.

    The funding builds on more than $4 billion in Recovery Act funding for smart grid deployment and demonstration projects nationally.