Donald Trump

  • DoD ensures service members know how new retirement system works

    The Defense Department is moving into the implementation phase of the new military retirement system Congress ordered it to set up just over a year ago. Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu reports officials expect to spend most of 2017 conducting an exhaustive education campaign to make sure service members understand how the new system works.

  • Cutting the federal workforce is harder than it sounds

    President Trump’s plan to grow some agencies may interfere with his promise to shrink the overall federal workforce.

  • TrumpExit on hold? In the works? Not gonna happen?

    Despite the warnings of many federal prognosticators, the mass exodus of angry, frightened civil servants hasn’t happened.

  • Federal hiring freeze, FEHBP and more

    Federal News Radio reporter Nicole Ogrysko joins host Mike Causey on this week’s Your Turn to discuss the federal hiring freeze, possible changes in the FEHBP program, and the slight downturn in the number of retirements. January 8, 2017

  • What really caused that F-35 price drop

    Hint: It was in the works before a demanding tweet from the president-elect.

  • White House provides guidance on ‘one in, two out’ plan

    In today’s Top Federal Headlines, the White House issues guidance to regulatory agencies on how to carry out one of the administration’s first executive orders.

  • How do agencies plan and implement an executive order?

    Lead time and planning efforts for an executive order can vary based on the topic, complexity and urgency, but former Bush and Obama administration officials say inter-agency collaboration is key. But some lawmakers have several questions for the Trump administration about the roll-out of some recent executive orders.

  • Larry Allen: OMB may restrict certain contracts

    The Trump administration’s policies on procurement and information technology haven’t quite come into focus. But signs say new Office of Management and Budget leadership might restrict use of certain contracts and contracting vehicles. Larry Allen, president of Allen Federal Business Partners, shares more on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Reducing the costs of procurement regulation – A step in the right direction

    Roger Waldron, president of the Coalition for Government Procurement, says President Donald Trump’s Jan. 30 executive order is a step in the right direction in reducing regulatory burdens.

  • Agency watchdog to review Trump executive order

    In today’s Top Federal Headlines, the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general will review President Trump’s Executive Order calling for increased vetting of foreign visitors.