• Department of Transportation

    Daniel G. Mintz Chief Information Officer Encore Presentation

  • DOT gets HIP

    A new online resource to help everyone involved in the hazardous materials transportation industry.

  • Exit Interview #2

    There are only six days left in the Bush administration. The Daily Debrief has been having a number of “exit interviews” with some Bush administration political appointees. Last week, we spoke to Transportation Department chief…

  • Acquisition oversight to shift to vendors

    Competition, accountability among areas of focus for 2009

  • White House ready to reveal identity management plans

    OMB will issue a new memo on HSPD-12 in the coming weeks. Agencies are feeling more pressure to meet the secure identity card requirements. Administration is also closer to finalizing new strategy for securing online transactions.

  • Agencies finding added value in open government

    Several bureaus say transparency and knowledge management initiatives complement each other. Federal Transit Administration using similar approach for open government strategy as it did to create a knowledge management culture.

  • GAO: Agency rules allow conferences at resort locations

    A recent GAO report looked at agencies’ policies for choosing the locations of conferences and found that cost was the number one factor when it came to planning. Details from GAO’s Lorelei St. James.

  • FTA feds put transit improvements on the rails

    Dozens of communities nationwide will soon enjoy major transit improvements, including new streetcars, buses, and transit facilities. Federal Transit Administration head Peter Rogoff gives us the details.

  • OMB takes aim at poorly performing IT projects

    Agencies are to review all IT projects over the next month, and the programs that are in the worst shape will go through TechStat sessions. This analysis is part two of a three pronged approach to fixing systemic problems with technology initiatives. Federal CIO Kundra says OMB will try to address those long-standing problems in October through the release of best practices.

  • A bright ‘idea’ from DOT

    The Transportation Department is hoping a new idea drives employees down the Information Superhighway toward better collaboration.