• Ask the CIO: Online Chat with the Education Department’s Jason Gray

    Jason Gray, the Education Department’s chief information officer, joined Federal News Radio’s Ask the CIO for an online chat.

  • Some young veterans need more from government

    If the administration took time to think about veteran hiring in a more holistic way, it could offer some veterans who have traditionally struggled to find good jobs an opportunity to build a career in a stable job with good pay and benefits.

  • Preparing for the rise of ‘new collar’ jobs

    Chris Hopfensberger, founding executive director of, discusses the need for further pushing STEM in education in order to prepare citizens for the jobs of the future.

  • State Department fellowship seeks to bridge diversity gap amid cyber talent

    Agencies face an uphill battle competing with the private sector to recruit top cyber talent right out of college or advanced degree programs, but the State Department, and the opportunity to explore new cultures, serves as an enticing lure to recent graduates to federal service.

  • VA says it will miss Aug. 1 deadline to change GI Bill benefits due to IT challenges

    The housing stipend and reduction in housing allowance provisions are the hardest to implement and have the most sweeping impact.

  • Strengthening DC’s school-to-career pipeline

    Steven Partridge, vice president of workforce and economic development at the Northern Virginia Community College, discusses how education in D.C. is closing the mismatch between the skills schools teach and the skills employers need.

  • Army education has easier credentialing access, no multiple choice exams in its future

    The Army is making it easier for soldiers to follow their passions in the military.

  • Back to the office: Is your telework schedule in danger?

    The Agriculture Department has made a dramatic cutback in the amount of time its workers are allowed to work from home. The Education Department is said to be considering the same thing. Cabinet officers and agency…

  • When in doubt, just take the risk

    Alina Romanowski says it’s important to make up your mind early in your career to take the risks that will help you find your strengths.

  • The 115th Congress

    Host Bob Leins welcomes Josh Huder, Ph.D., to the studio to discuss the 115th Congress. Josh is a Senior Fellow at The Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating Federal employees about Congress and its operation.