• Graduate School, USDA & fed IT professionals

    Sharon Fratta-Hill, Phd. VP of Academic Programs and Continuing Ed. Graduate School, USDA December 2nd, 2008

  • Agencies get glimpse of the future of grants management

    Implementation plan details short, medium and long term goals

  • Bill proposes housing aid for vets who take online courses

    The chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee wants to give returning vets who take classes online some parity with those who go to brick-and-mortar schools.

  • Grad Degrees for Government Service

    The Roosevelt Scholars Act of 2009 would fund graduate-level education in mission-critical fields. In exchange, the graduate would have a service commitment to federal government. The legislation for Roosevelt Scholars was introduced in the last…

  • Changing the way war fighters are educated

    The changing face of war is changing the way war fighters are educated to prepare for war. The House Armed Services Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee held a hearing called Another Crossroads? Professional Military Education Twenty…

  • gets a new.look

    The Department of Education has launched a brand new Web site that takes a page from both and popular blogging sites. Kirk Winters is manages the Web content team for the Department of Education.…

  • GOVERNMENT …as Avatar

    Alan P. Balutis Director and Distinguished Fellow Cisco Business Solutions Group

  • NIST to coordinate interagency cyber effort

    Computer breaches starting to level off, GISLA awards open for nominations

  • ICD-10: Risk Or Opportunity?

    The new mandated International Classification of Diseases, 10th edition (ICD-10) must be implemented by October 1, 2013. ICD-10—a complete replacement of the ICD-9 code sets used to report healthcare diagnoses and procedures—will affect all segments of the healthcare industry, including providers, clearinghouses and health plans, as well as government agencies.

    ICD-10, however, is more than an IT effort. It is a regulation that has a large impact on policies, business operations, clinical processes, and healthcare outcomes research. Preparing for ICD-10 will require an organization-wide approach and an understanding of all the areas impacted by its adoption.

    Noblis—a nonprofit science, technology and strategy organization with a proven record of success working on ICD-10—is pleased to facilitate a panel discussion to exchange information and ideas among key public and private sector stakeholders. Together, the panel experts will discuss the risks and opportunities of the ICD-10 transition, what their organizations are doing now to get started, and where ICD-10 fits compared to other large initiatives.

  • Elizabeth (Kitty) Wooley Nomination

    Elizabeth (Kitty) Wooley, with the Department of Education, was nominated for a Causey Award for the unique ways she created for federal managers to collaborate on best practices.