• November Elections & Your Pay and Benefits

    With every election even the safest members of the House and Senate pretend to run like their jobs are actually on the line, but this time around it may be true. Mike Causey says that could have an impact on your pay, benefits and job security.

  • Job Security & Election Day

    When they wake up on November 4th lots of people who work on Capitol Hill will learn that they no longer work on Capitol Hill. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says that, for many, the next stop for them may be your federal agency.

  • Defense contractors brace for election results

    Politico reports that contractors are preparing for bad news to business after the elections.

  • Election 2010: Happy Days Or Horror Show?

    It’s the morning after what many say was the most important (and certainly most expensive) mid-term elections ever. The question now, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey, for members of the federal family is will it be happy days or the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

  • Divided Congress: Gridlock or opportunity?

    Politico, GovExec and Washington Post report on the divided Congress and the possibility of gridlock.

  • D.C. military e-voting faces roadblocks

    The District of Colombia is taking the first steps to provide ballots over the Internet – specifically for military personnel stationed overseas. But security concerns are forcing them to scale back.

  • Poll shows a dead heat for a possible Kaine, Allen matchup

    An early poll shows former Virginia governors Tim Kaine and George Allen are in a dead heat in the U.S. Senate race to replace retiring Democratic Sen. Jim Webb.

  • The storm before the calm, or are most feds Democrats?

    The presidential election is still more than a year away, but that’s not preventing Senior Correspondent Mike Causey from wondering not only which candidates the political parties will pick but which parties feds most identify with.

  • Rep. Hank Johnson: Protecting integrity of elections

    The security of America’s elections is under heavy scrutiny this year. Fear of foreign hackers and insider threats have caused some people to think more should be done to secure the election system. One of those is Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.). He recently spoke with Federal News Radio’s Eric White to discuss two pieces of legislation he’s sponsored to enhance protections.

  • DHS, FBI report details Russian election hack and defenses against future attacks

    The Homeland Security Department and FBI published a Joint Analysis Report detailing the Russian cyber attacks of 2015-16, as well as best practices and mitigation strategies for organizations to apply to protect themselves from future hacks.