employee furloughs

  • 13,000 jobs in jeopardy at USCIS

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Trump administration is reminding Congress of budget challenges at US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

  • Shutdowns: 2020 style

    If there’s a government shutdown next year, in late 2020, will air traffic controllers on paid parental leave actually get paid?

  • Prepping for poverty, maybe throw in a recession too?

    A year ago this week some long-service, long-suffering federal government workers were prepping for the slim possibility of a government shutdown over Christmas.

  • Zero pay raise, shutdown: What’s Santa got for you?

    For the second year in a row more than a million feds aren’t sure if they’ll be forced to come to work or be locked with or without pay over the holidays.

  • Should astronauts be furloughed, too?

    If one of the next furloughs happens while a team of American astronauts are heading for the Moon, will they be forced to abort their mission and return to Earth?

  • Shutdown’s permanent collateral damage

    The reason for the new shutdown decision deadline is that lawmakers have not approved appropriations to keep all federal agencies operating after Oct. 1.

  • Ahead of budget deadline, GAO recaps what’s (not) allowed during a government shutdown

    Congress seems to be working hard to avoid a lapse in appropriations when the fiscal year ends in a couple of weeks. But anything can happen.

  • No more ‘poison pill’ fed furloughs?

    The new  budget deal between Congress and the White House includes a two-year ban on sequestration-related furloughs for federal workers.

  • OPM employees may face furloughs if Congress doesn’t endorse GSA merger

    Employees at the Office of Personnel Management may face administrative furloughs if Congress doesn’t advance the Trump administration’s proposal to merge the agency with the General Services Administration, or if lawmakers can’t pass permanent 2020 funding by the end of the fiscal year.

  • Pay raise/shutdown — a nasty combination

    Imagine if you were four months late with your rent or mortgage payment. What if the largest employer in your community forced people to work without pay?