employee furloughs

  • Shutdown: It’s FUBAR time

    If the ongoing government “partial” shutdown has you confused, bewitched, bothered and bewildered welcome to Club FUBAR. As long as politicians who don’t have any skin in the game keep getting paid, shutdowns will continue.

  • By the numbers: How much money is the shutdown costing fed families?

    The 2013 shutdown which lasted 16 days and cost the government an estimated $2.5 billion. With 34 days and counting this year’s stalemate could meet that number.

  • The shameful shutdown

    Regardless of views on the wall or immigration or border security, commentator Jeff Neal believes most Americans can agree on one thing: This shutdown is a shameful display of politics and utter disregard for people.

  • Suffocating shutdown

    So what’s it like inside the shutdown? One furloughed Federal Aviation Administration employee says it’s like being in purgatory keeping busy while waiting for a paycheck.

  • Shutdown costs mounting with contractors’ lost revenue

    To find out just how much loss that is, Bloomberg Government analyst Paul Murphy joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • What if shutdown becomes negligent homicide?

    During the 30-plus of the latest, longest “partial” government shutdown there have been no major incidents, yet. But the clock is ticking and everybody knows it.

  • Will shutdown trigger retirement tsunami?

    Will the government shutdown of 2018-19 trigger the massive brain drain some experts have been predicting since the late 1990s? Or, has it already happened, thanks to four shutdowns in a 12-month period?

  • These groups offer housing, financial shutdown assistance to unpaid feds

    The longest partial government shutdown in history is now a month and counting and several banking institutions announced a variety of loans and other special assistance to members affected.

  • Financial woes, cabin fever sets in for furloughed workers

    The longest government shutdown in history is of course affecting agency operations, but what about the mindsets of their employees?

  • Can’t work, can’t not work: What’s your status?

    You probably know that today is a federal holiday although during a time of multiple shutdowns it is sometimes hard to know what’s happening and to whom, and for how long.