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  • Presidential appointees face long, winding road to confirmation

    No matter who wins the Presidential election, non-career officials who might one day serve in either an Obama or Romney administration will face a cumbersome appointment process that is just starting to be reformed. Linda Springer, who served as the head of the Office of Personnel Management during the George W. Bush administration told In Depth with Francis Rose the onerous Senate confirmation process for political appointees has been a longstanding issue.

  • Political appointees impressed with civil service, author says

    Paul Lawrence, a principal at Ernst and Young, interviewed two dozen political appointees. Across the board, his subjects said they were impressed by the high caliber of the civil servants they worked with.

  • Federal News Countdown: federal workforce cuts, labor management councils

    Former OPM director Linda Springer and Jon Desenberg of the Performance Institute count down the top three federal news stories of the week.

  • Speeding up Government: Responding to the Continuing Challenge

    Paul R. Lawrence Ernst & Young Mark A. Abramson Leadership Inc.

  • Predicting Results, Fixing Projects

    Fixing projects after they’ve gone awry – or preventing problems before they start – is much easier said than done. I talked about the many complications and solutions with Dave Thomae, Ernst & Young America’s…