Erran Carmel

  • Bringing DC up to its economic potential

    Erran Carmel, Professor at the Kogod School of Business, compares D.C. with a wide range of the world’s other cities, and explains how the region can bring itself up to the level of some of the world’s biggest economic powerhouses.

  • Filling the gaps in DC’s cyber community

    To understand how D.C.’s cyber technology community is growing and shaping the economy, we talk to Dr. Erran Carmel, professor at the Kogod School of Business; Jennifer Thornton, director of workforce initiatives at the Greater Washington Partnership; and Rob Terry, senior writer at the Washington Business Journal. Topics discussed include digital convergence, widening the talent pool, and spurring economic growth through the cyber industry.

  • Surprising findings from a new cybersecurity entrepreneurship survey

    Professor Erran Carmel, American University’s director of the Center for Business in the Capitol, discusses the results of a wealth of data suggesting the D.C. region is one of the largest in the world for cybersecurity. Other statistics discussed help show that while the region is still struggling on some key issues, it’s holding firm as a great place for entrepreneurship.