• At DoT, policy drones on

    FAA has moved painstakingly on drones. The Trump administration wants to speed things up.

  • Knocking on the door of innovation

    This week on Federal Tech Talk, John Gilroy hosts a round table discussion of innovation in the federal government with representatives from three start-up companies. Drone Aerospace Managements’s Avery Brown, 540’s Chris Bock and Emergent’s Joel Benge join Gilroy for this wide-ranging conversation. October 10, 2017

  • David Hawkings: Congress ponders FAA, children’s health insurance

    With a continuing resolution bill already signed and sealed, Congress has other matters to wind up before the end of the fiscal year this Saturday.

  • Shut it down (for real)?

    When we talk about a government shutdown and its consequences, the truth is that we are actually talking about a pretend shutdown — the political theater version.

  • FAA saved $36M through shared services, reinvested into new IT

    Sean Torpey, the acting deputy assistant administrator for Information and Technology and acting chief information officer for the FAA, said the agency is swinging the spending pendulum from legacy IT to newer systems.

  • MITRE: Addressing the nation’s cybersecurity challenges

    Steve Battista, group lead at MITRE, joins host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to discuss cybersecurity and a new set of services that allows for the sharing of information on cyber threats. July 18, 2017

  • Privatization ‘clearing the runway’ for air traffic control, but unions worry turbulence ahead for FAA employees

    President Donald Trump unveiled details about his plan to privatize air traffic control. Instead of the FAA handling all aspects of general aviation, a non-profit entity would handle shift service and “route efficiency,” and leave safety to the federal government.

  • Court rules FAA can’t regulate recreational drones

    In today’s Federal Newscast, a win for drone hobbyists as the Court of Appeals in D.C. found the Federal Aviation Administration overstepped it’s authority in forcing recreational UAS flyers to register their aircraft.

  • Drone technology has special opportunity in the DC area

    Retired Blackhawk helicopter pilot Chrissie Engh brings her military experience to the private sector to educate the public on the regulations and capacities surrounding drone technology.

  • Katie Thomson: NextGen, Air Traffic Control, future for FAA

    The Transportation Department isn’t as under the microscope as other federal agencies, but new Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao will still have a significant agenda. Katie Thomson, a partner at Morrison Foerster and former general counsel to DoT and its biggest component, the FAA joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin to review it.