• Agencies turn to social media to engage public in an emergency

    During Hurricane Sandy, agencies like FEMA and NOAA used various social media platforms to communicate with the public. They were able to dispel rumors and follow the situation on the ground as it unfolded.

  • Hurricane Sandy offers Army lesson in social media best practices

    The Pentagon’s Office of the Chief of Public Affairs is training the military’s social media practitioners how to get information out quickly, securely and, most importantly, accurately during emergencies like the recent superstorm that hit the East Coast.

  • Taliban faux-friending soldiers on Facebook?

    Members of the Taliban are pretending to be attractive women on Facebook to spy on Australian troops in Afghanistan. Because Facebook uses GPS technology to track where profile updates are made, faux-Facebook friends, who are able to befriend soldiers, are able to find their locations after they update their profiles, according to CSOOnline.

  • Social Media Survey

    Federal News Radio wants to know how often you use Facebook and Twitter. Help us out by taking our survey.

  • All things Web 2.0

    Jaime Gracia, Guy Timberlake, and Evan Weisel, join host Mark Amtower to disucss everything you need to know about social media. July 23, 2012(Encore presentation August 13, 2012)

  • Facebook partners with antivirus firms on cyber awareness

    Facebook is coordinating a partnership with antivirus companies as part of a federal cyber-awareness movement.

  • Blogger finds security hole in Facebook mobile apps

    A British blogger has found a security hole in Facebook’s mobile apps for Android and iPhone, which can be used to steal personal information.

  • National Archives extends its reach via social media

    Pamela Wright, chief digital access strategist, describes how the public is helping the National Archives bring its content to the Internet via social media.

  • Stats show Army ‘likes’ social media

    More than 1 million people like the Army’s Facebook page and more than 100,000 people follow the Army on Twitter.

  • Social media in the public sector

    Market Connections President and CEO Lisa Dezzuti joins host Mark Amtower to talk about how government and contractors are using social media to do their jobs. October 10, 2011