• Web 2.0 opens up rulemaking process

    A website by Cornell University shows how federal rulemaking can become more transparent.

  • Will Facebook kill email?

    Many people have speculated that Facebook’s new communications platform might mean bad things for email. Dave Worsell, director of government solutions at GovDelivery in the UK, says that’s not the case.

  • Can a Facebook post get you fired?

    Vincent Melehy, an attorney Melehy & Associates, joined the DorobekINSIDER to discuss what you can do to protect yourself and what type of Facebook postings would be considered a fire-able offense.

  • Air Force warns troops about Facebook

    The Air Force is warning its troops to be careful when using Facebook and other popular networking sites because some new features could show the enemy exactly where U.S. forces are located in war zones.

  • More hackers expected to target Facebook

    Facebook’s revamped Messages will be a very attractive target for spammers, scammers and malware makers, according to security experts.

  • Can Facebook get you fired?

    Dawnmarie Souza — who was fired for using a Facebook post to criticize a supervisor — was deemed wrongfully terminated by a National Labor Relations Board ruling, the Harvard Business Review blog reports. Souza’s employer,…

  • Social media in the federal government

    How is the federal government using social media? Host Mark Amtower interviews Marc Hausman, CEO & president of the Strategic Communications Group. November 15, 2010

  • Will Facebook be your new e-mail provider?

    Mashable’s Pete Cashmere writes in CNN that Facebook may be unveiling an e-mail service.

  • Inside the secret new Internet browser

    The Daily Beast describes the newest browser, RockMelt, which integrates social media.

  • How to innovate in times of rising cyber attacks

    Amidst a rise in cyber attacks, OhMyGov’s Mark Malseed joined Francis Rose on In Depth to discuss how agencies can continue to innovate in times of increased online threats.