• FCC Chairman names new chief technologist

    Douglas Sicker now holds the post.

  • Celebrating the ADA: a look at tech advancements over the years

    Learn more about the advances in communications technology and services.

  • Cybersnooping spouses on the rise

    Man-in-the-browser attacks threaten government systems too, FCC wants comments on cyber policy

  • Communication, leadership make the best agencies run

    The FCC, GSA and the Smithsonian were among the best agencies to work for in the latest survey and officials point to a few specific reasons for their success. Agencies must make their employees feel like they are part of the answer to meeting their mission, agency officials say.

  • New Web tools give users more access to FCC data

    Steven VanRoekel is the managing director at FCC. He told the DorobekINSIDER about the changes introduced on the Reboot.FCC.gov site.

  • FCC seeks to remake its .gov self

    FCC has tapped a former Microsoft executive to help revamp the agency’s web and data resources. The goal: to ”reboot” FCC.gov, and make it a model for how government uses the web to serve citizens.

  • Broadband congested, contested, and desirable

    From remotely opening garage doors to controlling appliances, to gaming, banking, shopping, to enabling the use of infrared and radar sensors, GPS, and satellite communications by fisherman, firemen and fighter aircraft the Electromagnetic Spectrum touches lives. We learn more from Blair Levin, co-author of the FCC’s national broadband plan.

  • FTC raises red flags on FCC’s proposed cybersecurity certification program

    The Federal Trade Commission is raising some red flags about the new Federal Communications Commission’s certification program.

  • Big Data: Advancing the Art of Analytics

    October 20th, 2010 at 11 AM The application of knowledge discovery within the cloud is immensely powerful, but not inbuilt. We are collectively moving past the question of ”what is cloud computing”, and swiftly moving towards ”how does the cloud enable advanced analysis against massive volumes of data?” With industry and government leveraging multiple clouds, how do we successfully share and search large collections of data across systems, departments, and geographies? Organizations will continue to discuss and better understand the analytic power and economies of cloud computing, in the sense of data storage, sharing, and management; but we are quickly discovering that creating knowledge from data is more than just a discussion of technology. It’s a discussion of what can be accomplished when massive data and cloud computing efficiencies combine to make advanced analysis and innovation possible.

  • Weirdest use of Twitter by government Agency: FCC mocks Fox/Cablevision

    The FCC is using Twitter to mock Fox and Cablevision for not renewing contracts, ReadWriteWeb reports.