Federal Drive

  • David Hawkings: What Congress will (and won’t) do this summer

    Congress is back from its Memorial Day recess. It has a large and growing list of issues to deal with. So what it does indicates what it won’t do. Joining Federal Drive with Tom Temin with the outlook for the opening to a long summer, Roll Call Senior Editor David Hawkings,

  • Doug Weber: DARPA might improve learning at the flip of a switch

    Scientists already know there are times when our brains are better at absorbing new information or learning new skills. Now the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is funding a new effort to figure out exactly how the process works. Dr. Doug Weber is the program manager for DARPA’s Targeted Neuroplasticity Training program. He tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin it could have it could have major applications for military training, like learning foreign languages.

  • Rep. Steve Russell: Stop printing so many copies of the Federal Register

    Congress seems to have a foot in two centuries. It grapples with budgets and issues in the here and now, but it does so with the technology of the last century. When it comes to the amount of paper used, even the century before that. At least one member thinks that needs to change. As the third and final installment in our series, Modernizing the Congress, Rep. Steve Russell (R-Okla.) discusses on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Reorganization order creates low morale, hurts mission, federal managers say

    Federal agency leaders report President Trump’s order to plan for reorganization has resulted in low morale and has had a negative impact on their ability to fulfill their agency’s mission. But a survey of more than 600 of those leaders indicates most do not plan to leave their agencies or alter their dedication to the mission.

  • GAO seeks improvement from longstanding ‘at-risk’ federal programs

    GAO Comptroller Gene Dodaro told the Federal Drive with Tom Temin that the agency’s seen significant progress in getting troubled federal projects off its High-Risk List.

  • Regulation is under new crosshairs

    Regulation and deregulation have been a ceaseless process at least since the Carter administration.

  • Secret Service mission, morale on the mend, study suggests

    The Secret Service has taken significant, wide-ranging and important actions to transform the way it does business, according to recent study.

  • Confirmations, repealing Obamacare top early agenda for 115th Congress

    The first order of business for the 115th Congress will be conducting confirmation hearings for some of Trump’s nominees and addressing the repeal of Obamacare.

  • Senator alleges CIA intimidation of committee staff, seeks protections

    Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) raises questions about safeguards for congressional staffers against retaliatory criminal referrals initiated by the executive branch.

  • Estimate on how many Americans are under surveillance could come soon

    The U.S. intelligence community is reportedly prepared to release an estimate on how many Americans are being monitored through online surveillance tools.