federal employees

  • To tell the truth: What current and hopeful federal employees should know about polygraphs

    Federal security clearances may grab headlines, but the polygraph portion has gone virtually unchanged for decades. Now they’re getting a closer look.

  • How long can the TSP’s bull market last?

    Many experts say that the current bull market began in March 2009 and if it lasts through this month it will be the longest in history. Others say it didn’t start until much, much later.

  • OPM: Fewer retirement claims in July but backlog not shrinking anytime soon

    The Office of Personnel Management’s latest monthly retirement claims report shows progress in some areas but the backlog is still not budging.

  • How essential is your job, seriously?

    Instead of “essential” and nonessential,” the labels “emergency” and “nonemergency”are being used more to describe which feds have to work in the event of a government shutdown, whether from bad storms or blustering in the White House

  • Shutdown: What if you don’t get paid this time?

    With a possible governmentwide shutdown just 58 days away, survivors of previous time-outs are remembering how they coped, if they were ordered not to work, or to go to work without the guarantee of getting paid.

  • TSP’s T Fund tanks, loses $100B — if it had one

    Imagine the financial and emotional hangover you would have today if some, most or all of your retirement nest egg had been invested in the Thrift Savings Plan’s T Fund? That’s “T” for technical stocks.

  • Court upholds financial liability protections for federal workers

    Two recent cases on the matter involved the City of Philadelphia, TSA agents and airline passengers.

  • White House versus fed unions: Can both be winners?

    The White House believes federal unions across the country have been taking taxpayers for a ride using “official” time, which is meant to monitor health and safety issues in contracts, to conduct union business.

  • Lost (retirement) horizon?

    Guest columnist Nancy Crosby writes that talk of cuts to federal retirement benefits is nothing new, but the rumored tsunami of retirement has been reduced to a slow and steady leak of attrition.

  • America’s unsung heroes: That would be you

    Guest columnist Marc Harris, a retired federal employee, offers his gratitude for the huge numbers of civilian employees who supported the war effort.