Federal Postal Coalition

  • Tax act having unintended consequences for feds who relocate for work

    Federal employee groups are encouraging fast action from the General Services Administration to quickly update tax regulations and write new guidance on tax deductible moving and travel expenses.

  • Ret. Gen. Michael Hayden: What are the cyber attackers really after?

    A cyber breach to the Office of Personnel Management’s background check database is much larger than originally expected. 21.5 million people are affected. The agency’s response to employees has revolved mostly around identity protection. But the focus on the espionage aspect of the attack has not gotten as much support from the agency. Retired Air Force General Michael Hayden was director of the National Security Agency and director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose that if he had a chance to get that kind of information about government workers of another country — he’d do it instantly.

  • Alan Lopatin: Data breach victims need more protection

    The Office of Personnel Management faces the daunting task of trying to make victims of its data breaches whole. Altogether there are more than 22 million people whose sensitive information was compromised in the hacks on OPM’s personnel and security clearance systems. Alan Lopatin is the chairman of the Federal Postal Coalition whose member groups represent about five million federal employees and retirees. He tells Federal News Radio’s Emily Kopp why he’s advocating for more protection for data breach victims even before the latest details came to light.