federal workforce

  • Want a big pay raise? Move!

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says the best paid federal workers aren’t here, and if you want a pay raise, your best move is to move.

  • Will you quit when Trump takes over?

    New administrations that bring big ideological reversals do spark a higher-than-average level of SES departures.

  • Obama is from Saturn, Trump from Jupiter

    Feds have been here before. Bill Clinton cut the federal workforce by approximately 300,000. George W. Bush favored outsourcing as much agency work as possible.

  • Here’s what feds say about a Trump presidency

    In an exclusive Federal News Radio survey, federal employees say the incoming Trump administration will have a big impact on the federal budget as well as their benefits and ability to do their jobs.

  • Survey: How will a Trump administration affect the federal workforce?

    Federal News Radio wants to know what you think about your future and the impact of the election on your agency and your mission. Please take our anonymous survey. We will share the results later this week.

  • What Donald Trump’s presidency could mean for the federal workforce

    Donald Trump claimed his place Wednesday as America’s 45th president, an astonishing victory for the celebrity businessman and political novice, having scored a stunning victory backed by extraordinary support from working-class America.

  • GOP platform: No hate for feds

    This week’s Republican and next week’s Democratic conventions are like the distractions during a baseball game designed to keep fans entertained.

  • Category rating – does it work?

    Category rating is not the solution to all problems some early proponents made it out to be. It is also not the root of all evil as some opponents argue.

  • It’s true: Age is just a number

    A lot of my co-workers are my own kids’ ages, even younger sometimes. My feelings about that: So what?

  • How to get (and keep) good people for good government

    Applicants, especially students, want jobs they’re excited about and will enjoy doing, and they want to be nicely compensated for it. Well, duh.