• What’s your million-dollar-TSP ETA?

    The first TSP millionaires were all alike and today, they still have a lot in common. The vast majority have been investing the maximum for 29-plus years.

  • Friday the 13th: Pulse check for 2020 COLA, pay raise

    Earlier this year, the chances of both (or either) a federal pay raise and a separate cost of living adjustment for retirees were hovering somewhere between slim and slimmer. The president called for a zero…

  • TSP: Love it or leave it, big changes coming next week

    Effective Sept. 15, major changes will take effect in the TSP, changes that will make it more attractive for life-time investors and more convenient for people who need to withdraw different amounts over their retirement.

  • Memo to retirement-age FERS folks: Don’t outsmart yourself!

    Hundreds of federal and postal workers become retirement eligible every day. Although most don’t retire at the first opportunity.

  • Can you afford to retire, ever? How will you know?

    The dominant Federal Employees Retirement System covers most working feds. It’s good but it has several moving parts.

  • Updated: Alternatives to investing in the TSP

    Most experts say it is essential that people under the Federal Employees Retirement System put at least 5% into the Thrift Savings Plan.

  • CSRS or FERS: Are you in the smart plan for you?

    When the Federal Employees Retirement System was being developed in Congress, most people didn’t switch even though they probably should have.

  • CSRS vs FERS: The uncivil war

    Since the 1980s some federal offices and postal stations have been divided by a form of pension envy between CSRS and FERS.

  • 2020 COLA: Midsummer night’s dream?

    With two critical months to go in the cost of living adjustment countdown, federal, military and Social Security retirees are in line for an inflation catch-up.

  • Will retirement mean lifetime diet?

    Most current federal retirees, and a small percentage of folks still on the payroll, are under the old Civil Service Retirement System. It offers a generous lifetime annuity that is based on salary and length…