Financial management

  • The financial management of cyber risk explained

    There’s a new action plan available that addresses cyber security from an enterprise-wide perspective. We get details from Internet Security Alliance president and CEO, Larry Clinton.

  • Exclusive: OMB to propose major changes to financial management systems

    Draft memo obtained by Federal News Radio calls for stopping new and ongoing modernization and development programs until OMB can review them. OMB also would dole out funding on a quarterly basis for ongoing projects to ensure they are meeting milestones.

  • OMB to change how agencies implement financial management

    WFED’s Jason Miller reports.

  • Financial management system updates coming

    WFED’s Max Cacas has more.

  • OMB’s Werfel plugs financial modernization

    Recently, Federal IT officials have been talking about important changes to the way that financial management systems at federal agencies are upgraded. But now one of the government’s top financial managers is also speaking out on the need for new thinking when the time comes for modernizing those systems.

  • OMB’s Werfel sees major changes coming

    The federal government’s top accountant says it’s time for agencies to transform the way they report on their financial health. It all starts with citizens demanding to know how their tax dollars are being spent.

  • Werfel focuses on financial IT deployment

    OMB controller understands why average citizens are simply not interested in the typical agency financial statement.

  • Agencies struggle to make data transparent

    The Office of Management and Budget wants to expand the use of Extensible Business Reporting Language to expand access to structured data. However, the technology to ensure widespread adoption still has a way to go. But two pilots with industry shows it can be done.

  • DHS management improvements start with acquisition

    Deputy Secretary Lute told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee about how DHS is improving contracting processes. Acquisition is one of three major areas that the department is focusing on to bring integration across all 22 components. Lute said part of her goal is to get off the GAO high-risk list.

  • A plan to get financial management off high risk list

    Most of the systems the GAO has put on the high-risk list are customized systems that agencies have created from scratch, but a new model is emerging.