• Rapid-fire firing plan: Now what?

    In the news business the best way to bury a story is to release or leak it on the Friday afternoon before a major national holiday. Such was the case this Memorial Day weekend when three executive orders designed to whip the bureaucracy in shape were issued Friday afternoon.

  • Fired 26 hours before retirement eligibility: now what?

    The firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe hours before he reached full retirement and pension eligibility illustrates the options for feds who leave government service early, for whatever reason.

  • Fireproof feds? Not so much …

    One of the big myths about government workers is that they are fireproof; once in, they are employed for life. That may not be the case at the Interior Department.

  • Former DC VA director fired; Shulkin sees improvement under new management

    The Veterans Affairs Department’s push to more easily fire employees charged with misconduct has found its latest target — the former director of the Washington, D.C. VA medical center.

  • VA accountability: Is your job next?

    The Department of Veterans Affairs will soon have a new fast-track system to spot, punish and fire employees for a variety of reasons. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asks, is your agency or your job next?

  • David Lewis: How change in leadership impacts rank and file

    Swirling changes in leadership can have tough effects on the rank and file. That’s what the FBI is dealing with right now as long-time career agent Andrew McCabe takes over as acting director. David Lewis, professor of political science at Vanderbilt University, shares some of the management and workforce implications on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Customizing your fallout shelter

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says the current climate of fear among the federal workforce reminds him of the Cold War.

  • Nicole Ogrysko: 2016 was all about firing, hiring

    2016 was all about agencies’ ability to hire and fire federal employees. New initiatives from the Office of Personnel Management attempted to give agencies a refresher in hiring new talent more quickly, while Congress put its attention on how fast agencies are firing the poor performers. Federal News Radio reporter Nicole Ogrysko covers the federal workforce, and she joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin in studio to talk with us about the year that’s just passed and the year ahead.

  • Is Uncle Sam playing the Old Maid card?

    Do your federal agency’s hiring and firing policies follow the rules of the Old Maid card game? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey dares to tackle that oh-so politically incorrect subject.

  • Trump vows to ‘make VA great again’ amid government reforms

    Donald Trump concluded the third and final night of the Republican National Convention Thursday with a speech that unpacked several of the presidential candidate’s views on how federal executives and the Department of Veterans Affairs should be managed.