first 100 days

  • White House operating on 4 burners

    Heading toward April, the Trump administration was operating on several fronts, following the withdrawal of Republican-led legislation revising health care law.

  • Government reorganization is ‘almost an echo of the Grace Commission’

    The Trump administration will soon be asking for public comment and expert input on what a reorganized federal government would look like. David Berteau, president of the Professional Services Council, said this will be reminiscent of another reorganization from the Reagan era, the Grace Commission.

  • Hiring and Compensation

    Although President Donald Trump’s skinny budget failed to mention a pay raise for federal employees, a 1.9 percent pay hike may be in the works.

  • It’s all about the budget

    In one of the busiest weeks yet, the Trump administration gave Congress two budget proposals to debate.

  • An agency-by-agency look at Trump’s federal budget proposal

    President Donald Trump has called for sweeping cuts to civilian agency spending in his fiscal 2017-18 federal budget proposal, which the White House released Thursday.

  • Life after Trump: Is there any?

    We hear that the hiring freeze has slowed things down and that workers are terrified for their jobs, but Senior Correspondent Mike Causey wonders if we’re talking to the wrong people.

  • Trump administration’s budget preparations under scrutiny

    The high paced level of activity this past week centered on the still-sketchy 2018 budget under preparation by the Trump administration. Balancing the big increase the president wants for the Defense Department are cuts averaging 10 percent for civilian agencies.

  • Commerce secretary promises ‘special renaissance’ under Trump administration

    Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says he anticipates a “special renaissance for the Department of Commerce” that includes making it the best place to work in the federal government.

  • New memos and a delay in policy

    Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly forged ahead with tough new immigration policies, outlined in a pair of memos. Although President Trump hadn’t yet released his revised executive order on immigration and securing the border with Mexico, Kelly widened the number of people potentially subject to detention and deportation. He reiterated the plan to hire another 5,000 Customs and Border Patrol agents.

  • How the Trump administration can improve its relationship with federal employees

    Despite the Trump administration’s rocky relationship with the federal workforce, former Deputy Labor Secretary Chris Lu says listening to the career civil service can ensure campaign promises translate well into actionable policy.