Francis Rose

  • Federal News Countdown: Conference spending crackdown, Veterans Affairs

    Bob Tobias, a Distinguished Practitioner in Residence at American University, counts down the week’s top federal stories with Francis Rose.

  • Tuesday federal headlines – October 20, 2015

    In Tuesday’s Federal Headlines, federal spending on the departments of Defense, Homeland Security and Justice declined from 2014 to 2015. Overall spending increased, however, by nearly $184 billion.

  • ‘You snooze you lose’ message timed perfectly for Boehner on way out

    When Congress comes back next week, it begins a run of five consecutive weeks of work. In congressional time, that’s a long stretch of uninterrupted work. A lot can happen if the outgoing Speaker of the House doesn’t wait around like I did.

  • Katherine Hammack: understanding energy impacts for smart decisions

    The Army’s Energy Security and Sustainability Strategy is in the execution phase now. It includes five goals the Army will strive for to make the it more energy-secure. Katherine Hammack is assistant secretary of the Army for Installations Energy and Environment. She tells In Depth with Francis Rose this strategy is focused more on “why” the strategy is important and less on how the Army will meet the goals it lays out.

  • New Army energy strategy: security, sustainability among goals

    The Army has released its new Energy Security and Sustainability Strategy, designed to enhance the force’s readiness, capabilities, and performance. The strategy includes five goals. Katherine Hammack, assistant secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy, and Environment, was my guest to review each of the five goals, and explain how the Army will meet them.

  • Steve Kelman: Shifting focus in acquisition strategy

    Much of the focus on government acquisitions now is on source selection and acquisition strategy. Less attention goes to managing the contract on the back end. Steve Kelman is Professor of Public Management at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and former administrator of Federal Procurement Policy. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose that focus may be getting it backwards.

  • Steve Grundman: 50 years of acquisition reform

    Identifying the details of where the Defense Department’s money goes is the major contribution of new research from the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Steve Grundman is George Lund fellow at the Atlantic Council and former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Industrial Affairs and Installations. He spoke at the rollout event for the research project. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose his favorite part of the CSIS work is a survey of acquisition reform over the last 50 years because it shows a distinct milestone in the way acquisition reform has gone historically.

  • No matter where you’re going, don’t forget your paperwork

    If Buzz Aldrin can file his expense report with NASA a week after coming back from the moon, the rest of us have no excuse to put off our paperwork, says In Depth host Francis Rose.

  • Boehner’s resignation means no shutdown Sept. 30

    In-Depth host Francis Rose argues that Speaker Boehner’s decision was both a bone toss and a punch in the mouth.

  • Larry Allen: Don’t get duped into working for free during the shutdown

    Federal agencies are preparing plans now for a possible shutdown next week. One of the elements of those plans is which employees are essential and which ones aren’t. Larry Allen is the President of Allen Federal Business Partners. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose employees aren’t the only ones who should find out as soon as possible if they’re essential.