• Cybersecurity workforce more than ‘essential’

    Cyber-attackers could view a shutdown as the perfect opportunity to infiltrate government systems. ISC squared’s Hord Tipton joins us with analysis.

  • CR won’t stop AFGE shutdown lawsuit

    AFGE president John Gage says it is unconstitutional for the government to order federal employees to work without pay, even during a shutdown. He told Federal News Radio a possible compromise won’t stop the union from suing to prove the point.

  • Shutdown Survival Kit

    Given the nonperformance of Congress, federal workers better learn to live with furlough threats. So whether we dodge the bullet or not this time, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey has a checklist you should clip and save…for the next time.

  • Furloughed feds by agency

    A breakdown of the number of employees to be furloughed at each agency in case of a partial government shutdown.

  • Military shutdown pay, financial aid info released

    In a memo outlining DOD plans for dealing with the threatened government shutdown, Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn explains who gets paid and when.

  • Unemployment, other help available for furloughed feds

    Unemployment benefits as well as other help is available for federal employees to help pay their bills in the event of a shutdown.

  • Congress continues negotiations; Feds frustration grows

    President Obama expects to have an answer Friday morning about whether a shutdown can be averted. Meanwhile agencies have new guidance from OMB on how to prepare to close down their offices. Federal workers vent frustrations and ask questions during a town hall meeting sponsored by Rep. Jim Moran.

  • Shutdown II: Hollywood on the Potomac

    Washington is about to get the drop on Hollywood. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it’s working up a sitcom in which the servants revolt and put the people who pay their salaries out of work. Insiders say it will be called ”Shutdown II.”

  • OMB details shutdown procedure

    The Office of Management and Budget detailed what agencies should do over the next four days to prepare for and in the event of a government shutdown.

  • Impass not just about the numbers

    The two sides in the budget debate disagree about much more than just the dollar amounts. AP’s Mark Smith explains.