• Feds on the street are talking about furloughs

    Feds on the street talk about the possibility of being furloughed with WFED’s Kristi King.

  • AFGE sues over shutdown plans

    The largest federal employees’ union has filing a lawsuit against the Obama administration for failing to provide details of agencies’ shutdown plans. Attorney Bill Bransford breaks it down for us.

  • Shutdown, Tax Refunds and Social Security Checks

    If you are worried about the effect of a shutdown on your paycheck, tax refund or Social Security check there are two informal hotlines (one for Republicans and one for Democrats) you can reach out to. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey requests you let us know how that works out, okay?

  • Furlough FAQ

    Federal News Radio is closely following the prospect of a federal shutdown and how it would affect federal workers.

  • OMB: Shutdown could affect 800,000 feds

    A possible government shutdown could affect around 800,000 federal employees, a senior Obama administration official said today.

  • Memo about potential shutdown sent to HHS employees

    By Jolie Lee Federal News Radio A partial shutdown could happen as soon as this weekend if Congress remains stuck in a budget impasse. The Department of Health and Human Services sent a memo to…

  • More ‘confrontation’ ahead after 2011 budget

    Republicans have been saying they get three bites at the apple at their attempt to cut spending, said Russell Berman, congressional reporter for The Hill.

  • Shutdown: Forget Plan B, What’s Plan A?

    Do you know what furlough-bait looks like? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says if you have a mirror handy it easy to find out.

  • Transparency In Government: Not So Much

    If there is a government shutdown will you be working or furloughed without pay? What happens to Social Security, and will your tax refund be processed in a timely manner. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says most feds, and most taxpayers, remain in the dark.

  • Shutdown fudge factor may come into play

    Seventy two hours or bust? If push really comes to shove, The Hill’s Erik Wasson tells Federal News Radio, the House’s 72 hour rule could be waived and even a 24 hour CR is seen as better than a shutdown.