furloughed employees

  • Shutdown couldn’t have come at ‘worse time’ for IRS

    The past few months have been particularly challenging for the IRS, with budget ups and downs, a long government shutdown and a complex new tax code.

  • Federal employees get much needed guidance for future shutdowns

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Office of Government Ethics laid out what kind of aid furloughed employees are allowed to receive during a government shutdown.

  • Shutdown touches pay and taxes

    The timing of the third shutdown of 2018 and the implementation of 2017 tax reform created major paycheck and cash flow problems for tens of thousands around the nation.

  • Are you having fun yet?

    Is life as a civil servant, a steady rewarding job with the opportunity to help others, what you had hoped an expected? If you could, would you do it again or would you choose another, less stressful career?

  • Fed up feds may have good news on shutdown

    Guest commentator Jeff Neal explains why his long-time optimism about working for the federal government may be fading if another shutdown happens this month or in October.

  • Shutdown shrinks paychecks

    Federal agencies are reportedly suffering glitches to get back pay to essential and furloughed employees from the recent partial government shutdown.

  • Shutdown lessons (not) learned: Clinton, Obama, Trump and Starbucks

    The typical federal worker has been through at least four shutdowns. Another may happen as soon as this month, so we asked a long-time U.S. Postal Service worker in Florida and financial coach, to dig into his memory bank.

  • Shutdown spotlight on ‘fat-cat’ feds

    Imagine asking for a $100 grant or gift from a charity because you desperately need it to fill the tank with gas so you could get to a job where you were not getting paid?

  • Shutdown put unique pressures on federal prison workers

    Before the reopening of the government Federal Drive with Tom Temin spoke with Heidi Burakiewicz, partner at Kalijarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch, who represents many Bureau of Prison employees.

  • New options for VBA appeals processing set for Feb. 19

    In today’s Federal Newscast, a new report from the Defense Department shows there was a slight increase in the amount of sexual assaults reported at military academies.