• New bills hit federal employees with shorter disciplinary appeals process, fees for submitting to MSPB

    The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee once again is considering changes to the disciplinary appeals process for federal employees.

  • Video: Is another government shutdown around the corner?

    Federal Drive Host Tom Temin and Executive Editor Jason Miller discuss the recent government shutdown and the chances of it happening again in a few weeks.

  • If the government closes, when will you know your work ‘status?’

    The Office of Management and Budget told agencies to begin sending employees informal notices about their work status by the end of Friday. Formal notices detailing their “excepted” or “furloughed” status should come over the weekend and into Monday.

  • Holiday shutdown coming Dec. 22? Tell us your thoughts

    Congress has until midnight on Friday, Dec. 22 to avoid a government shutdown. As a federal employee or contractor, let us know what you think about a possible shutdown.

  • Shutdown fallout

    If Washington-based politicians trigger or allow a pre-Christmas government shutdown, its economic impact will be felt in hundreds of places thousands of miles from Capitol Hill.

  • DoD plans for government shutdown, says little it can do to mitigate damage

    Pentagon officials said Thursday that they have tweaked their government shutdown contingency plans since the last time one occurred in 2013, but emphasized that there is little they can do to stave off a shutdown’s most damaging effects.

  • One less thing to worry about: furloughs

    Federal employees still recovering financially from the 2013 furloughs can relax a little, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

  • Relax … for a week if you’re lucky

    When it comes to government shutdowns, remember that every silver lining has a cloud, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

  • Is a buyout worth taking?

    People are asking Jeff Neal, former chief human capital officer at the Homeland Security Department, if they should take a buyout. His answer: It depends.

  • Shutdown shudders

    Hope this doesn’t wreck your morning, but at 11:59 p.m. this Friday, civilization as Washington knows it may come to an end, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey. The government might shut down.