• Pentagon to delay furlough notices for two weeks

    After passage of the 2013 funding bill earlier today, the Pentagon is reassessing its need for civilian furloughs. The Defense Department said it will delay issuance of furlough notices to its 780,000 civilian workers for two weeks. DoD had originally planned to begin sending out furlough notices today.

  • Fighting furloughs and freezes

    NARFE’s Jessica Klement and Sean Reilly and Stephen Losey from the Federal Times, will discuss pending legislation on Capitol Hill, that affects federal workers. March 20, 2013

  • Nearly 250 laid off at Wash. Hanford nuclear site

    The Department of Energy announced that 235 people will be laid off, and more than 2,500 will be furloughed for several weeks, as a result of automatic federal budget cuts.

  • Pentagon releases furlough time table

    The Defense Department released an updated time table on civilian employee furloughs, including dates when furlough notices will go out and when furloughs are set to begin.

  • Sequestration and the clearance market

    Evan Lesser, founder and director for ClearanceJobs.com, will discuss the state of hiring in the clear community, and how its being impacted by sequestration. March 15, 2013

  • Not tonight honey – I feel a headache coming on!

    Suppose your significant other announced that, due to sequestration, romance would be out of the question starting in April. That, in effect, is how many federal agencies are reacting as they roll out furlough notices and service cutbacks as part of the budgetary (and political) process, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says.

  • Putting your worst foot forward: When bad is good

    Now that sequestration is here, normally upbeat federal agencies are putting their worst foot forward, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says. The mantra is unhappy days are here again. They are telling people what they won’t be able to do for them, the services they will be missing and how things can only get worse.

  • Furloughs, buyouts, & retirement surge

    Federal News Radio’s Julia Ziegler, and Sean Reilly and Stephen Losey from the Federal Times, join host Mike Causey to discuss a wide range of issues affecting federal workers. March 13, 2013

  • Sequestration to force HUD to shut down for 7 days

    The Department of Housing and Urban Development will furlough all 9,000 of its employees for seven days between May and August in a bid to reduce costs due to sequestration. All employees, including career employees, will be furloughed the same number of days, which will effectively result in a shutdown of the department on those days.

  • DoD furloughs to begin April 26, with almost no exceptions

    The Pentagon will send furlough notices to civilian employees in the next two weeks. Defense components would not be spared from furloughs, regardless of any other efforts they take to offset sequestration.