• One less thing to worry about: furloughs

    Federal employees still recovering financially from the 2013 furloughs can relax a little, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

  • Relax … for a week if you’re lucky

    When it comes to government shutdowns, remember that every silver lining has a cloud, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

  • Is a buyout worth taking?

    People are asking Jeff Neal, former chief human capital officer at the Homeland Security Department, if they should take a buyout. His answer: It depends.

  • Shutdown shudders

    Hope this doesn’t wreck your morning, but at 11:59 p.m. this Friday, civilization as Washington knows it may come to an end, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey. The government might shut down.

  • Members of Congress want feds to get paid during shutdown

    In today’s Top Federal Headlines, a pair of Virginia congressmen has introduced legislation to continue paying federal employees in preparation for a possible government shutdown.

  • Senate bill guarantees quick pay for feds furloughed during possible shutdown

    Seventeen senators introduced a bill to ensure federal employees get paid, even if Congress can’t agree how to fund the government past April 28.

  • Will you still be in your job this time next year?

    The crisis du jour in Washington, D.C. is big-time federal layoffs, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

  • Shutdown or furlough? Careful what you wish for!

    What do politicians have in common with the pet goldfish you had as a kid? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey has the answer.

  • OPM tells agencies how to get ready for workforce reorganization, furloughs

    The Office of Personnel Management released a new guidebook on how agencies should begin preparing for workforce reshaping efforts. It also updated key documents on issuing administrative furloughs. Both guides are designed to help agency heads implement possible reductions in force or furloughs so that they comply with the law and do the least damage.

  • Union warns SSA employees of furloughs under Trump’s proposed budget

    Proposed budget cuts to civilian agencies in fiscal 2018 may mean that the Social Security Administration will have to issue furlough notices to its employees. A union that represents SSA field operations and phone service center employees said the agency’s workforce could see five days of furloughs for every 1 percent cut to the Social Security administration budget.