future of government

  • IT modernization is evolving. It’s time to take another look

    CIOs began realizing their IT systems strategies needed to make significant technological leaps, possibly leaving COBOL behind.

  • How agencies can lead their workforce from a crisis into the future of work

    Not every job is appropriate for telework. But many federal agencies are finding out that it can be done on a far greater scale than had been anticipated.

  • Addressing the government cyber talent shortage

    Ask any IT manager across government what challenges they face, and somewhere in the top three they’ll tell you how hard it is to find and hire talent

  • Government cloud migration

    Cloud migration may have started out as a cheaper, more effective way for federal agencies to store and manage data, but it’s evolved into much more in the past decade.

  • The need for an integrated, multicloud management approach

    Agencies need a holistic approach that allows them to standardize policies, procedures, governance and workflows across their cloud environments.

  • Government jobs of the future

    The future of work isn’t about using machines to replace people – it’s about using technology tools to augment what people can do.

  • The shifting government talent landscape

    New technologies like automation and the cloud are changing the way work is getting done, and federal workforce policies need to change to accommodate them.

  • The urgency for application modernization

    Shifting the majority of the federal workforce to telework overnight forced agencies to improve capacity, and shift workloads, applications and data to the cloud on a massive scale in the name of continuity of operations.

  • As coders retire, who’ll run your legacy apps?

    As these employees retire, federal agencies potentially face a significant loss of institutional knowledge that will affect every aspect of government.

  • CDO playbook for government

    If data is the new oil, the federal government is sitting on huge reserves, but is only just now figuring out how to refine it.