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  • Lawyers question Interior SES reassignments, as the IG opens an investigation

    A group of lawyers is encouraging the Office of Special Counsel to take special notice of the senior executive reassignments at the Interior Department, out of fear they could have dangerous implications for the future of the civil service.

  • Carrie Cordero: OPM cyber breach raises a variety of privacy questions

    The National Treasury Employees Union sues the Office of Personnel Management over the agency’s recent cyber attacks. NTEU says OPM violated its members’ informational privacy rights. It filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. Carrie Cordero is a lawyer and adjunct law professor at Georgetown University Law Center and former counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for National Security. She tells In Depth co-host Jared Serbu that OPM’s recent cyber breaches have raised a few different privacy questions.