• Meeting Government’s Data Security Mission

    Storage has always been a time consuming issue for federal information professionals. Changes to virtualization have enabled current system administrators to be much more flexible in assigning storage. Not only does this make life easier for management, but it also increases efficiency, improves security, and enables easier deployment of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). 

  • IT Optimization: Knowing your baseline and minimizing risks

    Modernization and optimization go hand in hand, but while a federal agency’s path to a 21st century IT system is straightforward, optimization of that system can be a complicated process.

  • Ryan McCullough, Vice President for Federal, GovPlace

    Federal Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith says agencies need to boost their TQ to meet today’s digital services demands. A TQ is like someone’s IQ, but instead of an Intelligence Quotient, it’s a Technical Quotient. Ryan McCullough is vice president and general manager for federal at GovPlace. On In Depth with Francis Rose, he explained how agencies can improve their IT performance, and for healthcare in particular.

  • McCullough: more agencies collaborating with vendors

    Collaboration between agencies and vendors is increasing, and agencies will see the benefits in better contracting. That’s one goal of GSA Administrator Martha Johnson, and GovPlace VP/Federal Ryan McCullough confirms he’s seeing it in the…