Healthcare IT

  • A preview of Healthcare Innovation Day

    West Health’s Kerry McDermott, and the Office of Science and Technology’s chief science officer, Dr. Douglas Fridsma, will discuss this week’s Healthcare Innovation Day, and new developments in healthcare interoperability. February 4, 2014

  • Instructional design: Technology from a different angle

    Dolly Oberoi, CEO of C2-Technolgies, will discuss online training and how the federal government can use it to reduce costs and improve benefits. January 21, 2014

  • Healthcare IT and the Affordable Care Act

    Tony Harmon, CEO of CareDirector USA, wil discuss the interaction between technology and managed services, healthcare IT, and the Affordable Care Act. November 5, 2013

  • The 2013 Executive Leadership Conference

    Jim Williams and Rick Holgate from ACT-IAC will fill us in on next month’s 2013 Executive Leadership Conference in Williamsburg Virginia. September 17, 2013

  • The healthcare claims process

    Tom Romeo, president of MAXIMUS Federal explains how the appeals process works when a healthcare claim is rejected. September 3, 2013

  • Healthcare IT in work boots

    Mary Nicholas and Jim Moyer from the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation will discuss how to improve outcomes and reduce costs in healthcare IT. August 27, 2013

  • Web site design for federal agencies

    Aquilent’s Mark Pietrasanta and Sean Fitzpatrick, join host John Gilroy to discuss what federal agencies can do to make their websites more user friendly. July 2, 2013

  • Healthcare public-private partnerships

    Jose Domingos and Matthew Hughes from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, join host John Gilroy to talk about how their company is helping federal agencies improve their healthcare services. May 7, 2013

  • Healthcare IT and interoperability

    Doctor Doug Fridsma, chief science officer for HHS’s Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, will discuss how interoperability will make it easier to share health information. April 2, 2013

  • Healthcare IT and clinical testing

    Tony Varano, founder and CEO of DSG, joins host John Gilroy to discuss how to improve healthcare data collection. March 12, 2013