Hillary Clinton

  • Hatch Act trending thanks to latest election twist

    Amid a sudden surge of interest, the Office of Personnel Management has given federal employees a refresher on what they can and cannot do under the Hatch Act.

  • White House plans digital transition

    @WhiteHouse has put out more than 27,000 tweets to 12.1 million followers. Soon that account will get a restart.

  • Trump, Clinton call for more robust Defense spending as automatic cuts loom

    Defense-minded voters have been left with relatively little to go on as the nation nears the end of a presidential campaign that’s included only scant discussion of military issues.

  • A fed’s guide to the presidential candidates

    What might a Trump administration look like for federal managers? What would another Clinton in the Executive Office mean? Regardless of who wins the presidential election, by Nov. 9 the government workforce needs to be ready to go in any direction.

  • Who makes the grade for NARFE’s congressional scorecard?

    The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association released its voting scorecard for the 114th Congress. The scorecard includes a breakdown of votes from each congressional member and how they stacked up to NARFE’s position on various legislation impacting the federal workforce.

  • Not debated: these unhappy statistics

    By coincidence, yesterday the FBI issued one very clear picture of the United States — its annual report on crime.

  • Hillary’s tech plan: 4 more years

    Hillary Clinton seems to have a real love of policy detail. Donald Trump is more of a broad-brush painter.

  • Federal government gets report card on sustainability

    In today’s Top Federal Headlines, the White House releases this year’s Federal Agency Strategic Sustainability Plans, providing a snapshot of the progress agencies have made becoming more environmentally friendly.

  • Better Buying Power 4.0 could be reality if stars align

    DoD would focus on sustainment costs if is has a chance to release another version of Better Buying Power.

  • How career feds can set the stage for next administration

    Former government officials and veterans of the presidential transition process told Federal News Radio there’s been a drive within the transition teams to build on the achievements of the previous effort between the George W. Bush and Obama administrations in 2008-09.