Hillary Clinton

  • Clinton’s tech policy pledges smarter, newer, more open government

    Hillary Clinton’s technology and innovation initiative pledges a more modern and open digital government. The policy plan also supports the creation of more STEM jobs and increased internet access.

  • DoD asks business board to ponder presidential transition

    Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work tasked the Defense Business Board to help its senior executives move DoD to the next administration.

  • Final two horses head for the starting gate

    Hillary or Donald, my impression is that the real person in both cases lies hidden deep in a “heavily forested interior.”

  • Feds & the 2016 presidential race

    What do federal employees think about the two leading candidates for President? Find out on this week’s Fed Access when Government Executive Staff Writer Eric Katz joins host Derrick Dortch. April 22, 2016

  • NTEU gives Clinton the stamp of approval

    The National Treasury Employees Union joined the nation’s largest federal workers union in endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.

  • Carpe diem, or dumb and dumber?

    Why would a giant federal union endorse a presidential dark horse this early? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it may be a message to another contender.

  • Larry Youngner: Keeping your federal email secure

    An FBI team is investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State. Could she have violated the Espionage Act? That got us thinking, it’s a good time to review best practices for handling your email. Larry Younger is a Managing Partner at the law firm Tully Rinckey. He joins the Federal Drive with Tom Temin in this week’s Legal Loop to discuss what federal employees can, and should, take away from this case.

  • Inspector finds State Department lax on preserving emails

    By CALVIN WOODWARD Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department’s internal watchdog has found that many department employees are not preserving emails for the public record as required by the government. That could mean…

  • From Wellesley to Wendy’s: How Janet Hill became the ‘General’

    Janet Hill, principal at Hill Family Advisors, sits down with the Women of Washington radio show to discuss the importance of diversity in American corporations and her famous Wellesley classmate – Hillary Clinton.

  • Is the political gauntlet tougher for women than men?

    In this edition of the Women of Washington radio show, hosts Gigi Schumm and Aileen Black speak to Linda Moore, president and CEO of TechNet, and former strategist for the Clinton White House Office of Political Affairs.