Hiring freeze

  • Hiring freezes have consequences — and so do budgets

    Jeff Neal, former chief human capital officer at DHS, tells agencies they need to be planning today for a significant reduction in Fiscal 2018.

  • OPM grants 3 more hiring freeze exemptions

    The Office of Personnel Management granted additional exemptions to the President’s temporary hiring freeze. OPM and the Office of Management and Budget gave agencies permission to ask for others if they fall outside of the administration’s original exemption guidance.

  • Service members and families feeling the pinch from hiring freeze, despite exemptions

    Top military service officials President Trump’s federal hiring freeze is causing problems for those in the military.

  • Life after Trump: Is there any?

    We hear that the hiring freeze has slowed things down and that workers are terrified for their jobs, but Senior Correspondent Mike Causey wonders if we’re talking to the wrong people.

  • Are feds really quaking in their shoes? Maybe not so much…

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asked the federal workforce whether their jobs in the new administration were as bad as some media reports say.

  • Playing the Trump (as in POTUS) card

    Are civil servants as overworked, fearful and distracted as we’re told constantly by the media? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey wants to know.

  • Trump administration’s budget preparations under scrutiny

    The high paced level of activity this past week centered on the still-sketchy 2018 budget under preparation by the Trump administration. Balancing the big increase the president wants for the Defense Department are cuts averaging 10 percent for civilian agencies.

  • David Berteau: What the hiring freeze means for contractors

    When President Donald Trump issued his executive order freezing federal hiring, it contained a clause against using contractors to make up for it. Often these types of rules are leaky. David Berteau, president and CEO of the Professional Services Council, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin what services contractors are seeing right now.

  • How the Trump administration can improve its relationship with federal employees

    Despite the Trump administration’s rocky relationship with the federal workforce, former Deputy Labor Secretary Chris Lu says listening to the career civil service can ensure campaign promises translate well into actionable policy.

  • NIST seeks clarification from White House on hiring freeze exemption

    Recruiting and hiring cybersecurity talent has long been an uphill battle for the federal government, but the National Institute of Standards and Technology wants to make sure that President Donald Trump’s 90-day hiring freeze won’t make the problem worse.