• DHS seeks vendor to update agencywide identity management system

    The Homeland Security Department released a draft performance work statement to vendors. The draft PWS details DHS’ needs to use HSPD-12 cards for computer network and building access.

  • Identity management in a dynamic federal landscape

    Phillip Soloweszyk, director of Identity and Windows Consulting Services for Quest Software, will discuss identity management. APril 16, 2013

  • White House employs cross-agency goals to broaden oversight of cyber

    Cyber coordinator Michael Daniel released updated goals for TIC, HSPD-12 and continuous monitoring on Performance.gov. He said by adding new goals to the portal, performance improvement officers will pay more attention and influence how agencies meet the targets.

  • Cross-agency priorities give cyber an in with non-IT officials

    White House senior director for cybersecurity Andy Ozment said budget folks are getting a better understanding of why cybersecurity is important thanks to the administration’s high- priority governmentwide goals. NIST also is helping push the cross-agency goals forward from a technical perspective.

  • Agencies finally figuring out how HSPD-12 cards can improve security

    More than eight years after the White House issued Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 requiring the issuance of secure identity cards, governmentwide and agency-specific initiatives provide hope the smart cards can be more than “glorified ID cards.” NIST and GSA are developing an identity exchange in the cloud. DHS and IRS are putting their cards to use at a local level for both building and computer access.

  • DHS cultivates cyber workforce, tools

    The agency is changing its approach to the Einstein tool to keep up with the changing technology. Mark Weatherford, under secretary for cybersecurity, said on Agency of the Month that DHS is helping agencies be more proactive in defending their networks. He isn’t worried about the turnover in his office.

  • Commerce facing additional challenge with HSPD-12

    The department is trying to figure out the best way to manage the cards of contract employees after they leave the department. Every agency using a managed service provider for secure identity card issuance faces a similar challenge. Commerce also is working on integrating physical and logical access systems.

  • NIST issuing ID cards for testing

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology is making it easier for agencies to test the use of logical access control for applications.

  • DHS Blue Teams bear out agency compliance with cybersecurity rules

    The agency turns to teams of experts to review how departments are meeting the Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) initiative. DHS plans to expand the use of Blue Teams to the implementation of continuous monitoring and two-factor authentication under Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12.

  • NIST adds mobile flavor to revised draft HSPD-12 guidance

    The agency will hold a workshop July 25 to review the second draft of FIPS 201-2.