• ATF, ICE sign MOU on border protection

    Two agencies update partnership agreement to maximize investigative efforts.

  • Regs Nix New World

    What would the New World look like if Christopher Columbus had been a federal worker rather than a private contractor? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says things would probably be a lot quieter.

  • New Green Card

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has redesigned the Permanent Resident Card – commonly known as the ”Green Card” – to incorporate several major new security features.

    They’ve begun issuing all Green Cards in the new format. The redesign is the latest advance in the Immigration Department’s ongoing efforts to deter immigration fraud, that officials say will better serve law enforcement, employers, and immigrants.

    Among the benefits of the new technology: Secure optical media will store biometrics for rapid, reliable identification of the card holder. Holographic images, laser engraved fingerprints, and high resolution micro-images will make the card nearly impossible to reproduce. Additionally, Radio Frequency Identification capabilities will allow Customs officers at ports of entry to read the card from a distance and compare it immediately to file data.

  • Crime Friendly ISP Offline

    P2P networks a treasure trove of leaked health care data, study finds; DHS contracts immixGroup to support C3

  • ICE thrust into spotlight as immigration reform debate rages

    Agency has been garnering more and more attention since Arizona passed a law back in April.

  • ICE’s Secure Communities program is designed to change immigration enforcement

    June 14th and June 16th The ICE’s Secure Communities program is designed to change immigration enforcement by using technology to share information between law enforcement agencies and by applying risk-based methodologies to focus resources on assisting all local communities remove high-risk criminal aliens.

  • U.S. agencies now collaborate to fight drug cartels

    We get analysis from David Silverberg, editor for Homeland Security Today.

  • Agents see evidence of Iranian nuclear network

    Counterproliferation experts say Iranian agents’ smuggling operations include parties who aren’t aware they are doing anything illegal.

  • Feds prepare for explosion in mobile devices, apps

    Agencies are testing an assortment of smartphones and tablet computers to improve how their workforces meet their missions. But there still are questions about the security of these devices.

  • DHS Correa moving to management role in CIS

    Correa has spent 28 years working in the procurement area. She now moves to a broader role.