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  • Uber or a taxi? How the federal government underachieves on digital tech

    Ride-sharing is just one example of how digital tech can transform a service. Where are those examples in government?

  • OMB places focus on people, budget to break down digital service barriers

    A new survey from NAPA and ICF found agencies say budget and workforce challenges stand in their way to moving more toward digital services. The administration is trying to address both of those through the 2017 budget request and new training.

  • Who runs an agency — the agency head or the inspector general?

    In the push and pull of agency oversight, who should be running the agency — the inspector general or the agency head? Former DHS CHCO Jeff Neal weighs in.

  • Is phased retirement the ‘New Coke’ of civil service reform?

    With all of the hype surrounding the passage of phased retirement, you might have expected thousands of people to have signed up. But only a relative handful have to date. Jeff Neal, former DHS chief human capital officer, offers a reason why.

  • 7 things federal workers should watch in 2016

    With a new year, there will be developments that every federal worker should follow as they play out. Jeff Neal, senior vice president of ICF International, lists seven things feds need to keep an eye on in 2016.

  • Jeff Neal: What incentives can agencies give to FEVS participants?

    Across the federal government, there’s quite a bit of agency-by-agency variation in the number of workers who choose to participate in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. But some agencies are finding that they can boost their response rates pretty significantly by offering incentives to complete the survey. Do those incentives unfairly bias the results? Jeff Neal says there’s no evidence for that, and agencies should want to see the highest response rates they can get on the survey. Neal is a former chief human capital officer at the Department of Homeland Security. He wrote a column on the subject. He talked with Jared Serbu on Federal Drive with Tom Temin about the types of incentives agencies can and can’t offer.

  • It’s time again to worry about the ‘burrowing in’ of political appointees, lawmakers say

    Four Republican congressmen are urging the Government Accountability Office to review the practice of hiring political appointees into career federal civil service positions.

  • Jeff Neal: Moving the human capital conversation forward

    Federal executives talk a lot about the importance of human capital. The workforce, that is. But not enough of them engage in meaningful workforce planning. That’s according to former Homeland Security HR-chief Jeff Neal, now with IFC International. Neal told Federal Drive with Tom Temin that’s changing.

  • Top federal executives made $187,094 on average last year

    Salaries barely changed from fiscal 2013. But 12.2 percent more SES members received performance awards.

  • Is half a workforce strategy better than none?

    Agencies often go into great detail when they identify the skills and competencies they need for their own employees, then do very little to identify what they need when they use contractors to do the work.